About This Project


Stephane Graff (b.1965) is a Franco-British artist based in London. His practice is characterised by the use of analogue photographic techniques and photorealistic paintings. Having been influenced by the psychoanalytical traditions of Freud and Jung, Graff regularly addresses in his work themes of identity, concealment, memory and a secular conception of the sacred. In-depth research led Graff to develop Alter Egos such as the scientist ‘Professore’ and the ethno-botanist Dr Albert Frique. His most extensive bodies of work are the ‘Black Box’ paintings, the ‘Constrictions’ photographic series, and the ‘Mille-Feuilles’ paintings, which are made on numerous strips of wood, combining the disciplines of painting and sculpture.

Graff has exhibited internationally. Selected exhibitions include: Almine Rech Gallery, in London (2016), The Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain in Nice, France (2013); the Ercel Foundation in Turin, Italy (2010), the Operating Room, American Hastanesi, Istanbul (2010), the Musee de Marrakech, Morocco (2004), and the Museum of Mankind in London (1991).