About This Project

Pizzi Cannella Archive

Pizzi Cannella Archive was created in January 2009 in Rome with the aim to safeguard the artist and his work, as well as support him on a national and international level.

The main activities of the Archive are study, research and keeping all records updated, including the acquisition and cataloging of documents relating to the works of art dating from the end of 1970s until today. The Archive is also responsible for issuing certificates of archiving, to protect and guarantee the authenticity of Pizzi Cannella’s work in Italy and abroad.

In addition, a publication of the General Catalog is planned, which will provide a comprehensive record, a philological and historical reconstruction of all the known works, spanning over more than forty years of artistic production. It promises to be an important reference tool for scholars, collectors and gallery owners.

Pizzi Cannella Archive has changed location several times, each considered by the artist to be “places of the heart”. We are therefore pleased to announce that as of June 3, 2020, the new location of the Archive is Galleria Mucciaccia in Rome.

For information regarding the activity of the Pizzi Cannella Archive and to request a certificate of archiving, please write to: 

You may also visit the website for more information on the artworks.