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Born in 1962 in Rome, Italy. Lives and works in Rome.

Savini studies architecture at La Sapienza University of Rome. In 1989, he attended the atelier of Gianni Dessì and in 1992 he had his first solo exhibition in Dusseldorf. Later, he participates in numerous group exhibitions, abroad – London, Paris, Taipei, Havana, Lyon and Edinburgh – and in Italy, becoming well-known for his sculptures in chewing gum, which are created through a long process that starts with a cast of coated plaster of polyurethane foam, and ends with the final stage of drying obtained with three different fixatives: the antibiotic, formaldehyde, Paraloid. In 2002, for the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino he realised the scenography of the ballet La fin du jour of Schubert choreographed by Fabrizio Monteverde, represented in Florence and Bologna. The following year he had two solo exhibitions in Rome: Low Fidelity for Volume! and Tabula Casa, the Museum of Contemporary Art. During these years, he took part in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and in national and international projects, including Art for Children of Beslan pediatrics hospital in Vladikavkaz (2005). Among his most recent solo exhibitions,The Song of the Earth with Pietro Ruffo (2010) and Power of Delusion by Giulia Abate, in the monumental complex of the Vittoriano in Rome (2013). In April 2010, he created in Rome in the Press Room of Palazzo Valentini an installation which was inaugurated by Nicola Zingaretti, President of the Rome Province.