About This Project


Born in 1982 in Milan, Italy. Lives and works in Milan.

Graduated in sculpture at Brera Academy of Fine Arts, he lives and works in Milan. Since 2003 he has worked with many art galleries in Italy and abroad, including Paris, London and Berlin, creating installations for public spaces, private commissions and art fairs. His poetry is expressed through a clever use of different and eclectic materials, such as plastic, stone, ceramic and resin, using pop colours as an expressive instrument. In the series of works that feature Lego, the well-known coloured brick assumes the role of archetype of creativity for the chance to build and create, and it is used as a metaphor of subjectivity (L’Ego), and becomes an art object. The L’Ego of Matteo Negri is an opportunity to “play” the interior and individual, the brick module becomes language and is combined in many forms that are an expression of the artist, leading the viewer towards his/her own vision of things.