About This Project


Born in 1978 in Rome, Italy. Lives and works in Rome.

Bucchi learns the techniques of drawing and painting whilst attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. From 1998 to 2001, he dedicated himself to film scenography and advertisement. He takes a Master in Photography, which will later influence his painting style, especially framing, perspective cuts, and contrasts between objects and backgrounds. After his personal exhibition at the Contemporary Art Society in 2007, his works are exhibited in Beijing and in international collections. In 2011, he exhibited at MLAC in Rome and at Palazzo Collicola Visive Arts in Spoleto. In 2012, he traveled to Singapore for his solo exhibition at Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery. In 2013, he began to collaborate with Antonio Marras, together they installed their paintings in the Noble Piano of Palazzo Collicola Visive. During that year he returned back to Singapore, for the group show Milky Way held at Partners & Mucciaccia, an exhibition that brings together the masters of the twentieth century, from Basquiat to Rauschenberg, from Christo to Mathieu. For Bucchi 2014 is a year of reflection and pictorial evolutions. He created Monoscheo, an exhibition with the artist Luigi Ghirri, held in the Project room of Poggiali & Forconi Gallery in Florence. Bucchi is also interested in the relationship between electronic music, urban contexts and the potentialities of video language. In 2015, he was invited by 999gallery to accomplish the facade of a building for the urban redevelopment project Big City Life in Rome.