Pizzi Cannella, Le perle, 2019, mixed media on canvas, 155 x 200 cm | 61 1/8 x 78 3/4

Following Piero Pizzi Cannella’s solo exhibition Salon de Musique and Other Paintings held at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, it is with pleasure that the artist, after several years of absence, returns  to exhibit at Galleria Mucciaccia in Rome, with a specially created exhibition for the occasion. The solo exhibition entitled En plain air inaugurates on 26 October 2019 and consists of twelve  large canvases.

The journey undertaken by the artist leads us this time towards the light, not the artificial light of the Salon de Musique, which we have a particular familiarity , but rather towards a new brightness, linked to open spaces, to en plein air precisely.

And it is here, wrapped in the sunlight , that Pizzi Cannella shows us the characters that have always been part of his imaginary museum: Chinese shadows, Turkish baths, Pearls, Corals, Gold, Exterior day, Marina and mother-of-pearl but as in a repentance, after having gone through the full day, returns to the night painting three canvases with the title Nottambulo … thus the second part of the exhibition entitled Appendix is born. En plein air.

In En plein air – declares the artist – “ I search with the light for some truth that consoles. But the philosopher says “you will not believe that just because you went out into the open, will you find salvation?” Thus an Appendix exists. En plein air: three Nocturnes and so be it! Citing the splendid words of Franco Rella in the text of the catalogue “There is perhaps a contiguity between light and darkness, as indeed between life and death. Perhaps, as Calderon de la Barca wrote, “a flash of light is written in the air with a shadow “.

About the artist:

Piero Pizzi Cannella was born in 1955 in Rocca di Papa (RM). He had his first personal exhibition in 1978, at the Galleria La Stanza in Rome. In 1982 he established his studio in the former Cerere pasta factory, founding the Scuola di San Lorenzo, together with Bruno Ceccobelli, Gianni Dessì, Giuseppe Gallo, Nunzio and Marco Tirelli.  Since then he has exhibited in numerous galleries in Italy and abroad, including Basel, New York, Berlin, Paris, Singapore, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Siena, Todi and Verona. Over the years, museums and public spaces have dedicated him solo exhibitions and he has participated in numerous collective events and exhibitions: Paris Biennale and San Paolo of Brasile (1985); Sydney Biennial (1986); XI and XII Quadrennial National Exposition of Rome (1986 and 1996); Venice Biennale (1988, 1993 and 2011); Istanbul Biennial (1989) just to mention the most important ones.


Location: Galleria Mucciaccia, Largo della Fontanella Borghese 89, Rome

Dates: 26 October 2019 – 8 January 2020

Information: T. +39 06 69923801 |