Masterpiece Art Fair 2018

Tracing the thread from Surrealism to Conceptual Art Mucciaccia Gallery is pleased to present significant works from historical art movements that were conceived from the early 1900s to the mid 1960s, exploring the path which brought artists to create the most interesting generation of art. Navigating through different art movements, we begin our path with Surrealism challenging reality through art, to end with Conceptual Art, that rather on the contrary challenged the idea of what art is. Mucciaccia Gallery brings together a group of artists that were groundbreaking in their time and set the course for the next generation of art. From Magritte’s spontaneity and interest in exploring the subconscious, to the popular culture of Andy Warhol, from the analytical works of Giorgio Morandi who was interested in expressing what’s in nature, to the pursuit of a new conception of painting of Enrico Castellani, breaking away from what he believed to be too closely bound up with subjective gesture and an artist’s emotional state.