Frieze New York 2019

Gianni Piacentino (b. 1945) 

Mucciaccia Gallery would like to present Gianni Piacentino at Frieze Masters Spotlight as an homage to his artistic career, which spans over five decades. 

The exhibition traces the trajectory of Piacentino’s first artistic concept of the mid-1960s to the present day with a selection of artworks that question the difference between sculptures and paintings, whilst reflecting on colour as a concrete substance and physicality. 

Piacentino was only in his early twenties when he created his first monochrome canvases and geometric structures. Inspired by motorcycles, automobiles and planes, his oeuvres contains a high degree of technical expertise and inventive skill, that are based on accurate analysis from design to implementation. Piacentino turns to the technological and industrial product, testing and changing it into spatial and chromatic potentialities, ever since his first geometric realisations of the mid-1960s when American Minimal Art was not already known in Europe. 

Curated by the artist himself, the selection of works consist of a mix of historical and more recent works to underline elements of continuity in his oeuvres, as well as the richness and specificity of single moments and periods. Rather than a chronological overview of the artist’s artistic evolution, the exhibition aims to be a key to interpreting his work. Exploring the groundbreaking work of the Italian artist, our presentation brings together approximately ten works to mark Piacentino’s itinerary from his first sculptures in 1965 to his most recent paintings in trans-chrome (2017).