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28 December 2022 – 29 January 2023

Jan Fabre, Dream Castles

Mucciaccia Gallery New York is pleased to announce “Re-Flex” featuring international artists
Norbert Brunner and Giampiero Romanò. The show presents a whimsical journey through
artworks that push the boundaries of abstraction – from multi dimensional mirror sculptures to
crystalline pieces of varied types of glass – that investigate the fleeting and sometimes illusory
nature of experiential reality. Those opulent and reflective forms create representational
associacions with the subconsciousness, confronting the viewer to a magical and illusionary reality
that alternates illusions and disillusions, appearance and disappearance, in which one can become
both spectator and protagonist.

In a close dialogue between past and present, Giampiero Romanò melts the heritage of antiques
and the art of the past with a gaze to the future in his Antichita’ 3000 mirrors series. He replaces
common esthetical canons and conventional objects with subversive and playful sculptural forms
that translate two dimensional images into one of a kind multi-dimensional designs.

Building on themes of self perception and regard, Brunner’s mirror objects reflect not only the
viewer, but also superimpose messages of empowerment.

In his conceptual work the multivalent inclusion of the viewer is an explicit statement on the
inherent subjectivity of all art: “Everything seen, perceived, and experienced, all forms of art,
culture and politics are relative and depend only on the beholder’s point of view”.

In the work by Brunner and Romanò the reflective interaction with the sculpture forces the viewer
into a more extensive contention with the artworks, creating a close dialogue between the inner
and the outer worlds.

The exhibition will run from Thursday, June 17th, to Saturday, September 25th, 2021
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm

For further information please contact: newyork@mucciaccia.com

Galleria Mucciaccia Cortina, 2022, Installation Jan Fabre
Galleria Mucciaccia Cortina, 2022, Installation Jan Fabre
Galleria Mucciaccia Cortina, 2022, Installation Jan Fabre
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