Paths in the Italian art between the twentieth and the twenty-first century


Dorazio Tenax

Dorazio, Tenax, 1979 cm 165×130

From ancient to contemporary, from simple to complex, or from light to dark, nowadays art is expressed through multiform languages that often seem conflicting. The dichotomy between past and present is the main theme of the exhibition that features a group of contemporary Italian artists whose works are in the most important art collections worldwide. Excluding deliberately subdivisions in genres or trends, priority is given to the discrepancies, in an exhibition where the pure and light rigorousness of Agostino Bonalumi shaped canvas, is opposed to “L’Ego Map” of Matteo Negri, an iron surface chrome that is shaped as the famous brick with which children play; where the icy and spiritual figures of Oliviero Rainaldi can accompany the overbearing terrestrial matter of Francesca Leone and the poetic oil painting “Salon de Musique” (2015) of Piero Pizzi Cannella and also the rarefied atmosphere of the perfect paintings of Marco Tirelli. A duality which is also found placing side by side the works with those of Mauro Di Silvestre that with his “East village girl” (2011) represents an intimate, dreamlike, timeless world, or the rational and colorful vision of “Tenax” (1979) painted by Piero Dorazio. This would seem to negate the emotional and expressive paintings of Mario Schifano, as well as Cristiano Pintaldi’s pixeled paintings, which chooses television or photographic shots with a long and complex technique. Images become symbols with which the artist shows us the two sides of our everyday reality: on one hand the virtual on the other the concrete. The exhibition is also the occasion to show the works of the photographer-artist Claudio Abate whose shots are also the witness of unrepeatable installations of his artist friends – “Freccia Laser” (1988) of Maurizio Mochetti and “Belive” of Kendell Geer (2002) – and the recent surface “Nel cerchio giallo” (2008) of Alberto Biasi, whose name is inextricably linked to the optical-kinetic art. Moreover, Carla Accardi’s sophisticated forms in the two papers “Verde rosso” (1997) and “Violarancio” (2005) and the recent pop portraits of Maurizio Savini, realized at the beginning of the year with a technique that he invented, encaustic of chewing gum on board. With this material, ephemeral and perishable, as the reality in which we live, the artist relates with childhood.

Exhibition of works by:

Claudio Abate, Carla Accardi, Agostino Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani, Mauro Di Silvestre, Piero Dorazio, Francesca Leone, Matteo Negri, Cristiano Pintaldi, Mimmo Paladino, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Oliviero Rainaldi, Maurizio Savini, Mario Schifano, Marco Tirelli.

Dates: Ongoing until  31st August 2020
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