Dallas Art Fair 2019

Mucciaccia Gallery is pleased to put in conversation a selection of contemporary artists, who are interested in the interconnections of image and meaning. Shen Shaomin and Cristiano Pintaldi both refer to pop culture icons. Whilst Shaomin reflects on the temporality of things with his series Handle with Care, inspired by Andy Warhol, Pintaldi’s work is based on current events, transmitted on television or internet, and represents the new type of vision stimulated by virtual reality, often more present and pervasive than the ‘real’. Adami, following the models of American Pop Art and particularly of Roy Lichtenstein, develops an ironic comics story. His flat colour subjects, bordered by black lines, address politics, history, philosophy, mythology,… Pizzi Cannella and Stephane Graff navigate on a more personal journey, of memory and identity, to trace an almost esoteric meaning. Pizzi Cannella cherishes a jewel, a chandelier, an object to revoke nostalgia and recall a forgotten past, whilst Graff focuses on the eyes to question truth and address themes of individuality and its concealment. The show aims to build a constructive dialogue among the artists to highlight cultural distinctions and advance positive connections between different cultures.