Dallas Art Fair 2020

 October 01 – 04, 2020

Mucciaccia Gallery is delighted to exhibit a group of contemporary artist, each with a strong personal vision. James Busby, from South Carolina, his paintings are labor- intensive minimalist compositions. His elaborate process is to add to the history of the painting , which are more object-like in their depth and structure. Dan Perfect, is to return to Dallas after his successful show in 2008 with his extraordinary paintings, whose works often allude to architectural or anthropological shapes, with different layers merging into one another. Alongside, we will exhibit Frank Holliday’s inspirational paintings, an explosion of color, where great force and energy are revealed. Part of the Neo Abstract and Neo Expressionist Movement, and associated with the East Village art scene and the Club 57, Holliday’s paintings are a result of strong brushstrokes and heavy pouring and smearing. Piero Pizzi Cannella, founder of the San Lorenzo School in Rome, blends abstract and figurative. The main theme in Pizzi Cannella’s extremely personal creative journey, is an enigmatic language of recurring symbols that trace an almost esoteric meaning. Stephane Graff practice is influenced by the psychoanalytical traditions of Freud and Jung, Graff, regularly addresses in his work themes of identity, concealment, memory and a secular conception of the sacred. Cristiano Pintaldi who paints with only the three colours, red, green and blue on a black background, placed together in the same way in which the pixels are arranged on the television screen. The subject-matters chosen are drawn from popular culture, TV programs, cartoons, Kubrick movies. We are pleased to present the works by the Caribbean artist, Llewellyn Xavier. His work reflects his love for the environment and are characterised by multicoloured drops of paint applied to the canvas using a series of special tools. Looking at his paintings, it is clear that Xavier looks at his homeland, the Caribbean, as a source of inspiration for his use of color and light.

Dallas Art Fair New Dates: October 01 – 04, 2020

Location: Fashion Industry Gallery Mucciaccia Gallery is pleased to return to Dallas Art Fair at Booth F22.